Last update: October 27 2010
Scott is on his way to Los Angeles to see his cousin Rodney Millar and to grab a little inspiration by staying in the same motel room that Jim Morrison used to stay in, room #32 at the Alta Cienega Motel.

Scott is continuing work on his acoustic album

In late 2009 Scott moved to Sechelt B.C. where he is currently working on yet another CD. Scott hired local Vancouver drummer Phil Robertson for a signature drum track on an instrumental co-produced by Derek Mason a former band-mate from First Aid.

Scott has recommenced work on his acoustic album

Sept 2007 - After taking a half year off from recording to deal with the family estate, Scott has recommenced work on his partially completed acoustic album. Fans can look forward to a release in 2008.

Jas Forest Project
April 2007- Scott adds organ to 3 tracks on the Jas Forest Project.

Scott produces and co-writes 5 songs with Diane
May 2006 - Scott produces and co-writes 5 songs for lyricist, singer Diane Sutherland.

Four masters are completed
March 2005 - Four masters are completed for a forthcoming acoustic CD titles include, The Road to Hana, Silky Segue, Ted's Laundry, and Granite City.

And the Reviews Keep Coming!

There is a new reveiew of Scott's new CD in Vancouver's Georgia Straight paper. An excerpt is posted in the Reviews section.
And reviews of You Know Me by Now and Coelacanth Ale appear in this month's iOPages (Issue #52) , a Dutch Progressive magazine in the Netherlands(!)

SJ and First Aid added to Aural Moon Radio
Scott's new CD , You Know Me by Now has been added to the Aural Moon playlists, as has First Aid's Coelacanth Ale. Check it out and support them. They also do live requests.

CBC Airplay for 'You Know Me By Now'
Some tracks from the new CD have been heard on CBC, the Canadian national broadcaster.

New Music Canada Site

We have set up a new page on the terrific New Music Canada site. Please check it out. It contains CD tracks that aren't posted here. (

Scott to Perform at the Point Roberts Music and Arts Festival
Scott will be performing at the Festival on July 31st. More details to come

Airplay on Delicious Agony
The Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio have added Scott's new CD and First Aid's Coelacanth Ale to their playlist! A feature is coming up later this month. Please visit them; they have a very reliable stream and they have a live chat where you can make requests.

New Reviews
The reviews are starting to come in for Scott's new CD, 'You Know Me By Now'. Check them out in the Reviews section.

New Album out in October
Scott's new album "You know me by now" is now at the manufacturing process. The album should be released late October or early November.  Check out the download section for a couple of the songs.

Scott adding tracks to Jana Keeley Album
Scott has been busy adding tracks to the forthcoming "Jana Keeley" album. Recorded at Blue Wave Studios, Vancouver with Terry Jacks producing and Ken Burke (98 degrees) at the helm. Additional engineering by Paul Siczek.

New CD Almost Complete - Six songs Recorded
The next CD is a lot closer to being completed. Scott has just recorded six new songs at Vancouver's Utopia Parkway Studios. Paul Siczek (Recurring, Terror of Tiny Town) is engineering. The CD should be finished by June for a fall release.

Scott's CD Now For Sale Online
You can now buy my solo CD online through

More Reviews... 
Axiom of Choice
Brand new reviews from this site from the Netherlands.
US-based Prog4You has just given Coelacanth Ale and the Scott Jacks CDs great reviews. The site's got a lot of depth to their reviews, too. This is one of the most detailed sites I've been to. They really know their stuff.

Album: Scott Jacks  - 7/10
" the same league as the Alan Parsons Project and Saga and even influences from the Police. is a very good CD.  I liked it and you will too."
- George Roldan Full Review here

Album: First Aid - Coelacanth Ale  6/10
"If your taste in music is more towards the fusion side of prog, this is right up your alley. The music generally has no boundaries, which I found enjoyable."
- Thomas Connolly Full Review here

Airplay in Ottawa 
Dedrock, a track from First Aid's latest CD is getting airplay on the La Villa Strangiato show on CHUO in Ottawa, Canada. Thanx to Gary Lauzon for the support. If you're in the broadcast region, please give the show a listen Fridays, 6:00-7:30.

New E-Mail Address For Scott 
Scott Jacks has a new e-mail address. It's
Don't forget to update your address books.

New Reviews 
ProgNaut has just reviewed both First Aid CDs. You can check them out here.

Album: First Aid - Coelacanth Ale
" of those unsung bands of Canadian rock music history and they do deserve to be noticed!"
- Ron Full Review here)

Album: First Aid - Stumbling Boldly Forward
"First Aid's musicianship is very good throughout their debut disc..."
- Ron  Full Review here

Thanks to Ron at ProgNaut!

Track Listing on Coelacanth Ale - Corrections 
There are a couple of errors in the track listing of Coelacanth Ale. Two song intros were not listed on the cover, which may cause some confusion finding the songs you want to hear.
The track listing should be as follows:


1) Fraternizing With the Enemy
2) Dedrock
3) Stop Trying to Be Important
4) Intro (The Clean Forest)
5) The Clean Forest
6) City Lights
7) Rut of Information
8) Take It on the Amber
9) Unique New York
10) Who Killed JanetSmith?
11) Wasting Away
12) The S.S. Song
13) R.P.R.S.S.
14) Intro (Because You Need Me)
15) Because You Need Me
16) Ice Age
17) The Eight
18) Murray's Stolen Board

Scott Jacks Records Two New Songs for Chinese Television Series 
'Canadian Steel, Chinese Grit' is a television show broadcast on thirty networks across China. Scott Jacks appears in four episodes of the eight-part series. 'The China Dream' and 'No One Knows Their Names' were composed by Scott specifically for this project. These songs should appear on a future release.

Scott Jacks Contributes to 'The Four Seasons of Sophie Thomas' 
Scott has added acoustic guitar tracks to a film project about a First Nations elder who creates natural treatments and medicines. The short documentary was produced by his brother Terry, noted environmentalist and producer/songwriter.

New First Aid CD 'Coelacanth Ale' Released 
Scott has compiled and remixed a selection of previously unreleased First Aid tracks. The CD also contains two new tracks recorded specifically for this release.

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