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Scott Jacks
Album: You know me by now (2003)
Produced by Scott Jacks and Paul Siczek
Engineering, programming and mastering by Paul Siczek
All voices, lyrics, & instruments by Scott Jacks
Except Diane Sutherland - lyrics on "Film Star". Holly Burke - flute on "Film Star", "You Know Me By Now" and Providence. Sasha Fassaert - Guitars on "9 in Essence", harmony vocals on "Where Do You Think You're Headed Billy?", Slide guitars on "No One Knows Their Names"
1. Providence
2. FilmStar
3. Where do you think you're headed Billy?
4. Wintertime Blues
5. You know me by now
6. No one Knows Their Names
7. To Michael Hedges
8. 9 in Essence
9. Innocent love
10. This Tired Old Face
11. Neilishon 4
12. The China Dream
13. Sure Shot Motors

Scott Jacks
Album: First Aid - Coelacanth Ale (2000)
Reproduced by Scott Jacks for First Aid
Mastering by Mike Mclean
1. Fraternizing With the Enemy
2. Dedrock
3. Stop Trying to Be Important
4. Intro (The Clean Forest)
5. The Clean Forest
6. City Lights
7. Rut of Information
8. Take It on the Amber
9. Unique New York
10. Who Killed JanetSmith?
11. Wasting Away
12. The S.S. Song
13. R.P.R.S.S.
14. Intro (Because You Need Me)
15. Because You Need Me
16. Ice Age
17. The Eight
18. Murray's Stolen Board

Scott Jacks
Album: Scott Jacks (self titled) (1995)
Produced by Scott Jacks
Engineered by Paul Siczek
1. Another Time Another Place
2. Big Corn
3. Creative Arrogant Parasites
4. Open Letter to Someone
5. Voice 63
6. A Hard Road to Peace
7. Almost all the Time
8. Blend
9. Royal Serian Thyme
10. Stagnation on the Runway
11. Zapruder Four
12. Sparkies
13. Big Corn (revisited)

First Aid
Album: Stumbling Boldly Forward (1991)
Produced by First Aid
Engineered by Paul Siczek at Venture Studios, Vancouver
Mixed by Delwyn Brooks at Little Mountain Studios, Vancouver
Drums: Dave Coupland
Keys: Scott Jacks
Guitar: Derek Mason
Bass on tracks 2, 4, 5, 8, & 9: Jamey Koch
1. Fallen Czar
2. Is Bigger Better
3. Everywhere I Learn
4. The Church of Cash
5. Lost Word
6. Hockey Night in Tarkus
7. Instrument Departure
8. Waiting
9. 15/16

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